At Focusfund we know that the best way to find good people is through connections to other good people. We also want to provide professionals with opportunities to profit from both What and Who they know. Marrying these two concepts, Focusfund has developed a unique Referral Commission system to reward users for introducing other smart professionals to Focusfund.

Becoming an affiliate of our company is easy
Working together on success
Focusfund is managed by a team who have extensive experience of investments in advisory, financial management and planning and crypto markets and use innovative flexible strategies to generate maximum profits.

The best part? You can earn without making a deposit! You’ll receive a commission even if you don’t trade.

See below for an outline of our program
3 level Referral Program
Your satisfaction with our services will not go unrewarded! Tell your friends, family & acquaintances about Focusfund Ltd. and earn impressive 3-level affiliate commission for each who invest with us through your referrals.

REF.COMMISSION Referral program is tiered in 3 levels


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